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General Sessions
A. Ecohydraulics in practice:
1. Environmental flows
2. Fish passage and movement
3. Hydropeaking
4. River channel management and restoration
5. Wetland management and restoration
6. Riparian zone management and restoration
7. Floodplain rehabilitation
8. Restoration of ecological network and connectivity
9. Catchment/river basin restoration
10. Riverscape design and riverfront space utilization
11. Planning, implementation processes and citizen participation 
12. Ecosystem based disaster risk reduction (Eco-DRR) 
13. Water-food-energy nexus
14. Sustainable design in ecohydraulics
15. Inter-basin water transfer
16. Landsurface processes and environment changes in Alpine river source region
17. Eco-environmental impact of high dam and large reservoir/ (Environmental issue of international river)
18. Any other aspect of ecohydraulics in practice

B. Fundamentals of ecohydraulics:
19. Experimental hydraulics and hydrodynamics
20. Remote sensing and underwater sensing
21. Hydrogeomorphology
22. Hydraulics-ecology interactions
23. Hydrology-ecology interactions
24. Vegetation and fluvial processes
25. Sediment-ecology interactions
26. Ice-ecology interactions
27. Surface-groundwater interactions
28. Ecological processes in the hyporheic zone
29. Estuarine and coastal ecohydraulics
30. Physico-chemical & biological processes in water quality-ecology interactions 
31. Dryland flow-ecology
32. Catchment/river basin-scale ecohydraulics
33. Aquatic ecology
34. Genomics and bioinformatics in ecohydraulics
35. Big data and data analysis
36. Data-driven and knowledge-based modelling
37. Predictive modelling and uncertainty management
38. Ecosystem services from aquatic systems
39. Human impacts on aquatic ecosystems
40. Any other aspect of fundamental ecohydraulics

Special Sessions
41. Organism-scale interaction with hydraulic conditions
42. The key hydraulic drivers of populations, communities and ecosystem processes
43. Ecohydraulic landscapes: spatial and temporal dynamics
44. Physical modelling of ecohydraulic interactions
45. Life cycle modelling in aquatic systems
46. Environmental flows from catchment to coast
47. Ecohydraulics of hyporheic zone in river, estuarine and coastal sediments
48. Advances in fish passage research
49. Integrating ecohydraulic aspects across river restoration, environmental flows and fish 
50. Securing Sustainable Hydropower in the 21st Century