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As COVID policies are quickly changing over time, we will try our best to keep this page up to date. Please be sure to check back now and then.

The current quarantine policy of Jiangsu Province is that passengers to China must take nucleic tests within five days before departure. Tests shall be carried out in facilities designated or recognized by overseas Chinese embassies or consulates. Chinese passengers are required to upload the photos of their negative results of COVID-19 nucleic acid tests using the international version of the health QR code mini program on WeChat. Foreign passengers with negative test results of COVID-19 should apply for a health declaration letter at Chinese embassies or consulates. Those entering Nanjing/Jiangsu from overseas will be required to undergo a 7-day quarantine for medical observation at a designated place + 3-day quarantine at home.

If the current quarantine policy keeps unchanged, ISE 2022 will most likely be partly in person and partly virtual, with the Chinese attendees taking part onsite and the overseas attendees taking part online. However, we are expecting the pandemic to be alleviated by 2022 and the international travel restrictions be lifted. We will keep updating information on this page.

Last update: 28 June 2022